Thursday, September 11, 2014

Word Whisper- Sophia B

    Metaphor: "I was a grown up now, doing a grown up's job." (pg 134) Ji-li may have thought that she felt good, having responsibility in the house once in a while. Like in the next sentence, "One day Grandma got sick, and I took over the cooking as well."

     Personification: “Every time I hear drums and gongs, I’m afraid that they’re coming to our house. My heart starts racing, and the closer they come, the worse it gets." In this paragraph, grandma explains to Ji-Li and convinces her that she's okay.

     Foreshadowing: "In the three months since the Cultural Revolution had started, changes had been so constant that I often felt lost. One day the Conservative faction were revolutionaries that defended Chairman Mao’s ideas; the next day,the opposite Rebel faction became the heroes of the Cultural Revolution. I heard that even Chairman of the Nation Liu Shao-qi and General Secretary Deng Xiao-ping were having problems. No one knew what would happen tomorrow." (pg 181-182) I can see that as time passed from the start of the Cultural Revolution until the time Ji-Li was in, she could see some major changes. Like in the first sentence, Ji-Li felt a major amount of changes since the past 3 months

     Metaphor: the voice was familiar.
“She lied to me! She told me Xinjiang was
like a flower garden. She said we would live
comfortably and eat well. And then what did
we fi nd when we got there? Nothing! Not a
damned thing! Not even a building to live in.
Not even lumber or bricks. We had to build a
lousy hut out of dirt. I fell off the roof when
we were building it, and now I’m a cripple.”
 It seems to me that Xu a San was very infuriated
by this. I think that Ji-li may have thought this
was confusing.



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