Sunday, August 31, 2014

Illustrious Artist (Isabel Park)

I chose the scene where Ji-li is being yelled at for her  relatives mistakes. This moment stood out to me because culture and habits can change everything from a person. Her classmates started yelling at her because of all the new things that were happening.  At the point where they even reject a long  friendship.  After a while even Ji-li started to believe all that. She kept thinking to herself  “I wished that I had been born into a different family. I hated Grandpa for being a landlord.” She was ashamed of having a good life. Funny how a few words can change your opinions.

Kids/teenagers are so easily influenced. From what I'm getting, people are rejecting the old ideas and habits. After the da zi bao and a bunch of other signs being brought down. Kids are changing. They are just going with the bigger group. But what if the bigger group isn't the right one? They don't know that. It’s interesting how JI-li friends just go against her because they think the new ways are right. Just because they seem big and powerful. If you not wearing the right clothing you're a foreigner or a four olds. They even go to the limit where they cut a mans pant because it wasn't wide enough.  


  1. I liked your drawing Isabel, I think it really represents the moment Ji-li's "friends" started yelling at her. I agree that kids/teens are easily influenced by a few words, specially if a conflict like the cultural revolution was going on. Something I don't agree with you is that I don't think she was ashamed of having a good life. I think she was ashamed that her grandfather was a landlord, something completely different. Other than that I think your post was really good.

  2. To begin with, wow! Your drawing is amazing! It not only represents the moment where Ji- li was yelled at, but it has many details that makes me completely understand how this scene was. In addition, I really like how you brought up the idea that teenagers are being so easily influenced. In our school, I can think of people that everyday are influenced badly by their friends. For example, changing clothes style, missing class, talking in class when they are not supposed to, not doing work in class, and etc. Moreover, I agree with you that it's funny that just because Ji- li's friends thing they are big and powerful they can command and argue with who ever they want. Sadly, her friends are going to the same school as her, but maybe something good might happen with her. What do you think?

  3. Isabel,

    Nice and deep reflection! To me, your blog was the one that helped me the most to understand the reading. First of all, there is one and only reason I completely agree with you. This is because you are taking your own thinking as a teenager and basing it of how other would reflect. For instance, it was clear to me that you wondered if the bigger group would be the right one. You took your teenager thoughts into how you really feel about this issue. Even though you image was a little too literal, it showed me how Ji-Li clearly felt intimidated about what her other peers where doing. As a result, from your teenage point of view, kids became influenced easily by what they heard from other people, grown ups in general.

  4. Isabel, your post was accurate and helped me sort somethings out. To begin with, I enjoyed that in the second paragraph, you wrote some things about how kids think and feel.
    I felt like your drawing expressed exactly what you wrote on your text. The scene that you chose was a hard one because each and every person that reads your post can think about it in a different way.
    I believe that us as kids, sometimes get mad easily and say things that we shouldn't. For example, “I wished that I had been born into a different family. I hated Grandpa for being a landlord.” Ji-li was ashamed of having a good life. In my opinion, if Ji-li stopped to think about what she said, she would regret it. Because the thing that you can't live with out is your family.

    1. Hello Stefano, I really enjoyed reading your comment, and I agree with you. A lot of times I notice that children sometimes overreact to small things or do things that if they think about the will notice is wrong. This can be seen in many ways throughout the book for example: When the kids in Ji-li’s school were saying that because her grandfather was a landlord. I disagree with the children it this story because they did not think about what they were doing. If they thought deeply they would notice that it is wrong to do what they were doing. It wrong do judge some one like that because it is the same as using stereotypes to describe someone of a different race then you. Stefano do you think that adults do the same do you think that they also do things without thinking?

  5. Isabel,

    I really enjoyed reading your post and I agree with you. I think it is absurd that anyone would judge someone by their families past. This happens a lot in present day and after reading the book I noticed it has been going on since a long time ago. I also think that THIS part of the communist belief is wrong. I do think that there are some good things about communism. I really like your drawing and I think you are a very good artist.