Sunday, August 31, 2014

Illustrious Artist - Melissa M

To begin with, I drew the scene where Jang Ji-li met Teacher Gu in the hallways. Jang Ji- li only said hi to be polite, but the teacher insisted in telling her she needed good news. So, she told her that she was going to Shi-yi Junior High. It was her dream, she became completely delighted. However, the best thing was that her friend, An Yi, was assigned to the same place as her! I know that later on, in the same chapter, things change, but I thought this moment was very Important in the book.

Jang Ji- Li was sad because she was alone in school since An Yi had the Asthma attack and because people were still bulling her because of her Grandpa. Yet, in that moment she forgot about everything and got so excited because her dream was going to come true. Suddenly, she went to depressed to joyful because of that one good news her teacher told her. Adding, I made my drawing very colorful because since colors represent happiness,  I thought that since this was a very happy moment to Jang Ji- li, this drawing should be colorful.


  1. Dear Melissa,
    I agree with you completely that this scene was one of the most important in the chapters that we read. I think that the teacher did help her a lot by telling her that she was going to one of the best schools, and she was even happier when she heard that An-yi was in her school. Yet, I would like to question you when you say that color means happiness because in my opinion sometimes we can use colors to show a certain emotion, such as red in mad or angry. Also, don't you think that a more important scene would have been the moment that she knew she wouldn't go to that school?
    Lucas T.

  2. I liked the fact that you are the first person who brought up a happier moment in the book. I do agree that this scene is pretty important because this is the moment that everyone wants to experience. Going to the school of their dreams. It also brought up her mood. Which i find important. It made it more realistic and it was good hearing from one of the teachers because of all the things happening and kids misjudging teachers.