Sunday, August 24, 2014

Word Whisperer- Round 1

Irony- "Our room was ten times as big as many of my classmates homes, and a hundred times brighter."(Pg. 15). The meaning of this literary device, in this example, is to kind of create an image in your mind comparing two spaces, but with definitions that aren't accurate(ex. "...a hundred times..."). The effect this passage gives the reader is the sensation that Ji'Li's family is richer than the other families from the kids at Ji-Li's school. This says that Ji-Li's house is much bigger than her friend's houses, which says that there definitely is something different about this family. This idea of diversity in Ji-Li's family is complemented later in that chapter, when her father doesn't let her go to the auditions because they would find out about their family's past, which would be bad news for Ji-Li and the rest of the family.,550x550,075,f.jpg

Alliteration- "Sometimes on Saturday evenings some of Dad's colleagues would visit."(Pg. 16). The meaning of this literary device, is to create the same sound of a letter when you read, so it becomes more smooth. The effect this passage gives the reader is the sense of fluency because all the sounds go so well together. Maybe there could be a special reason to why repeat the sound so many times in that specific sentence. It may be wanting to point out something important that we should look carefully at.

List of Three- "I dreamed of being a doctor in a white coat, with a stethoscope dangling from my neck, saving lives one after another. I dreamed of being an architect, designing the most beautiful bridges in the world. I dreamed of being an actress, holding bunches of flowers, bowing again and again to answer curtain calls."(Pg. 18). The meaning of this literary device, is that it wants to give emphasis to the passage. The effect this passage gives the reader is of great importance. It shows that there was a lot of what ever is they are repeating three times. For example, in this passage, what is repeating is "I dreamed of being...", and this shows that Ji-Li really has been thinking for a long time of what she was wanting to be, what she was wanting to do, and the rewards/reaction from others for what she was yet to do.

Personification- "The wood groaned with the impact, and we all cheered."(Pg. 24). The meaning of this literary device, is to give character to the objects, to have them interact, to give them importance, rather it is to the book, poem, or even article. The effect this passage gives the reader is that we create an image in our minds of what it would look, sound, or feel as if that object could do what the descriptions says. It makes us cheerful to think of things that don't really happen.


  1. Mari, I chose your post because it helps the reader have a further understanding of the book. After I read your post I had a better understanding because you identified the different elements the author used to write the book. How did identifying the different elements help you understand better the story.

  2. Mari,

    Your post is great! While I was reading, I never noticed any of these literary devices, but now they really jump out to me. I can connect your post to one day in humanities class. This is because, we spent a long time learning about many literary devices authors use to make their writing more effective. I think you did a fantastic job analyzing what they do for the readers. Adding on, it was good that you have the page numbers, because your readers, including me, could go back in the book to look for these literary devices. Thank you for helping me think further into the book!


  3. Mari,

    Your post was one the of the ones that stood out for me the most. You explained really well what the author is trying to tell us while using those literary devices. At first, I would have never even payed attention to what he was trying to say though your explanations really helped me out in understanding. Your images were also helping create that image in my head. It seems like you did a lot deep thinking and a lot of hard work on this post. Great job !