Saturday, August 23, 2014

Word Whisperer

Symbol- "With my red scarf, the emblem of the Young Pioneers, tied around my neck..." (pg. 1) The meaning of this literary device is to program your brain to know that a red scarf is a symbol of the revolution. It effects this story because this symbol is incorporated throughout the whole novel. I think this signifies sort of a lie to the young people of China, that they are doing a good thing by taking part in the Cultural Revolution.

Hyperbole- "... and my heart bursting with joy,..." (pg. 1) The meaning of this literary device is that Ji-Li is so happy she feels like her heart is going to burst. This effects the reader by making you feel bad for Ji-Li because she used to be so happy and then she becomes sad because something is wrong in her family. I think this signifies that anything can happen in life, one minute you could feel like the happiest person in the world, and then you feel miserable.

Imagery- "The sweet smells of the tantalizing May afternoon drifted in through the window. The sweet breeze carried the scent of new leaves and tender young grass and rippled the paper slogan below Chairman Mao's picture: STUDY HARD AND ADVANCE EVERY DAY." (pg. 2)  The meaning of this literary device is to paint a picture in your mind of a fun school day for Ji-Li. This effects the story because it is the beginning of Ji-Li's understanding about her families past. This signifies that Ji-Li likes learning and is excited about school.

Simile: "I thought about my beautiful dreams and wondered if they would drift away just like those lovely soap bubbles." (pg. 18) This literary device means that Ji-Li is comparing her beautiful dreams that she once had to the pretty soap bubbles that float away then pop and disappear. This effects the reader by making them wonder if Ji-Li's dreams will come true. This signifies that the future is unclear, you never know how your life will turn out in the end.

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  1. I agree with your symbol. In my post I said the same thing. That China is manipulating young children into thinking that joining a revolution is good. I mean they are pretty much changing everything. For example the whole "four olds" rule, it is ridiculous! They are destroying anything that is old, like your old culture. If it was me I would be mad, because I grew up with all these traditions. So I think the propaganda and the school are making adults and children think that the revolution is a good thing. Another one in your simile. I agree with what you said about how you never know how your life is going to turn out. It is like another saying which is "the future is unknown." Which is true because we never know what is going to happen to us in 10 years let alone 10 days. But overall I think you chose very good quotes from the book to describe your ideas.