Saturday, September 6, 2014

Connection Captain Flor U

While reading chapter 8, I had made a huge connection with one of my favorite books, Number the Stars. That novel was always so intriguing and showed how difficult the World War ll was, deepening my understanding of it.

During chapter 8, the Red guards have to search houses for Four Olds. Ji-li’s mother and father burned all the photos of their family that they owned. However, the Red Guards found a knife in the trash, along with some of their suspicious burnt photos.

This chapter made me connect with a part in Number the Stars, by Louis Lowry,  where the Nazi soldiers searched their house, and then their boat, which was where they were keeping the Jewish people. When they searched the house, they seemed very suspicious, reminding me of the chapter I recently read in Red Scarf Girl. Though, when they search the boat, Annemarie (the girl who is helping hide the Jews) places a package on the boat that contained a special ingredient which kept the dogs from finding the hidden people.

In both these events, many people were lost, they both consisted of a leader, the leaders 'helpers' (Red Guards, Nazi soldiers), and obviously, these two events and the type that cause people disgust at the thought of it. 

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  1. Florencia,

    Your post is fantastic! I think that the connection you made is very thorough. I can also connect to this part, because when I was in Guernsey, I had a similar story from the tour guide. When the Germans took over, they stole everyone's radios so that no one knew the news in England. When the Germans were searching the house of one couple, the woman went into the bathroom, and her husband told them that she is sick in the bathroom. They didn't have their radio taken away. People can be very creative. Do you think that people were figured out later, and got in trouble?