Sunday, September 7, 2014

Connection Captain (Isabel Park)

               In page 140 Ji-Li's dad dyed grandma's old box in black because it would have been considered a fourold. In the book Legend by Marie Lu the main character Day is a criminal. He sides against the republic. He disguises himself because he doesn't agree with the ways people who don't have much money are being treated. So he steal and messes around with the Republic. I thought this sort of resembled a little bit of Ji-li's situation. Her family is scared of the red guards. So they trying everything to lessen the possibility of them discovering when they invade their house, Like dyeing the box black, cutting old dresses, and burning old pictures.


            This also reminds me of another book that I read called Delirium by Lauren Oliver. Lena the main character lives in a society where love is a disease. And as always she found a guy that she likes. Its sort of like the Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. In a certain age they get a procedure to get rid of the disease, During the book she has to sneak out of her hours. Go to unknown parties, pass the boundaries and much more. They hid everything from the rules. Both characters had to be cautious getting around. All there evidence had to be burned. And they had to blend in with the crowd and not cause any concision to set them out.

source                                                                    source
                          I got a picture of someone hiding just like the characters.
                                            (I'ts Rapunzel because I didn't
                                 know and other way of grabbing peoples attention.)

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  1. Isabel, I liked your post and I think it was really thoughtful, but I think you should explain the connections a little bit more because I didn't really understand how Ji-li's situation is similar to the people in these books. I also didn't understand that clip from Tangled in which there is a person hiding. Anyways, I think your post is good.