Sunday, September 7, 2014

Line Illuminator #3

    The quote I chose was "Anyone who sees Chairman Mao is the happiest person in the world, That was my secret dream." (107) I think this quote mainly cought my attention because it delivered the hypocrisy of a communist country, the leaders of such countries propose that they want to make everyone equal, but use this Idea to keep enriching himself with money and power. he iluded the people so much that it became a huge Honor/Miracle to meet him in person. Even the Ji li is an innocent girl she already was iluded to think that the Dictator Mao is like a god to the people but infact he killed 45 million people in 4 years making him the bigger mass murderer in the world killing more people than the second and first war. And his people as the book says had n knowledge.

The second quote i chose was "The more I read, the more puzzled I became. Did the teachers really intend to ruin our health and corrupt our minds? If so, why hadn't I ever noticed? Was I so badly taken in that I was unable to see them for what they really were?" pg. 70 This quote really made me think because it made me realize that Mao Tse Tung took the respect from the one of the most important people in the society the people that shape the mind of the countries future, The teachers. That really got me stunned because by now we can see that everything he says basically gets in to everyones mind and they don't have any doughts. In my opinion I think Mao Tse Tung is scarred of the teachers because they have the power to lead the children in the right path and thats why he empowers the idea that teachers are bad.


  1. Omar,

    Nice job on developing ideas! I chose to comment on your blog post because your images caught my attention, especially the first image. The reason why this image interested me was because it doesn't show something literal, but something symbolic. The quote you chose really connected with the image. Mainly because the image shows how someone can pretend to be someone fake and someone they're not. The paper over the man's face represents how happy he is in the inside and not in the outside. Just by looking at the expression in his eyes, he is not happy at all. I realized that because a person's eyes get bright and full of joy. On the other hand, this man's eyes and eyebrows look dull, dead, dim. To finish, your image represented how the people in China acted fake because their "ruler" was a fake dictator, with only negative power to give.

  2. Omar,

    I think you're right about how the first quote delivers the hypocrisy of a communist community, but at the same time, I disagree. You see, at the same time Mao had thousands of followers and people who were loyal to him, I'm also certain that there were many people who opposed him, after all, if Mao was such a good ruler and his people liked his way of ruling, why is China no longer communist?

    As for the second quote, I agree completely. It caught me by surprise that Mao stated that the teachers intended to ruin the population's health and corrupt their minds, because education is one of the most important things in the world. If a country doesn't have education, it doesn't really have anything, now does it? That is why I'm confused as to why Mao would say that...

  3. Omar,

    I really liked how you stretched your thinking while explaining why you chose these quotes. First, I really like the idea that there are two sides to one person. I think that having two sides to someone, they will only show the one that is the best side for that situation. For example, if Ji-li were to be with a group of people that think that all that Mao does is correct she wii show her side that thinks that he is correct, but if she is with some people that don't think that he is a good person, she will show her side that agrees with them. The reason i think people do that is because they want to fit in, they don't want to be the only person that thinks different because they think there will be consequences. Usually, they are right. There are consequences.

    Moving on, what really stood up to me about the second quote was the image you used to describe it. Not even did you put something that fit the concept you were talking about, you also made a great connection to something that is more recent, even though it is just a movie.

    Keep up the good work!