Sunday, October 26, 2014

Connection Captain - Helena Segall

I think that the Cultural Revolution in China is really similar to what is happening now in Brasil. In Brasil right now the president that had been ruling for the past 4 years has just been re elected for the happiness of some and hate of others. Dilma Rousseff has done many things in the past few years and most of them were not good choices in my point of view. She used the peoples money to create 12 brand new stadiums in the world cup, while she could been using that money in education, hospitals, and places where is would actually benefit the country. I think what the Cultural Revolution and Dilma Rousseff have in common is the change. In the Cultural Revolution the people wanted to replace the four olds with the four "news". Here in Brasil the people that did not elect Dilma wanted to see a change in the government for more efficiency in the country. Many people are threatening to leave the country because they are afraid many bad things are going to happen. This reminds me of the Cultural Revolution because people were scared of what was happening and the were feeling threatened. I feel like in both situation the country was trying to make improvements in a non-efficient way. I feel like the same way that those Brazilians who want a change are signing an impeachment to overthrow Dilma out of the "throne", the people in China should have had a chance to do that also. People should be able to have the best decisions in their country.

Cultural revolution next to Dilma Rousseff to compare both of the topics.
Dilma Rousseff; Brasil's president.

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  1. Helena, I strongly agree with you. They are a lot similar in many ways. Dilma did a lot of bad things but some people like the ones who lives in the Nordeste, don't see it. They think of Dilma as their "hero" because she gave them the bolsa familia and etc. But, she actually did a lot of bad things like you said, the waste of money for building stadiums. Not just that but she did a lot of other bad things. In my opinion, what Chairman Mao is trying to do is also really bad but people don't see it. Because of the Cultural Revolution, people don't even have privacy. The Red Guards comes and invades people's houses leaving everything broken, and taking away things. The people see it as a good thing because all the four olds needs to be removed. Also, when they did the da-zi-bao of the teacher, if you reread that section and see what they were judging the teachers for, it makes no sense. They say that because the teacher gave them homework, they are not revolutionists. Even though it is bad, they don't see it. Both Dilma and Chairman Mao are doing bad things but not everyone can see that. Great post Helena!