Sunday, October 19, 2014

Historical Question

How did historical events influence the ideas in the novel? What cultural issues may have influenced, challenged, or inspired the author?

The main cultural event that inspired the novel is the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The whole entire book is based on how her family, neighbors, and friends reacted on the cultural revolution. The main character of the book is actually the writer, so its a first person view. The four olds which were ideas, culture, custom, habits were what China was trying to get rid of. The point of the cultural revolution was that they were trying to take out the four olds and replace them with the "four news".  As the book is going on and until it finishes I think that the author will talk a lot about bad things, and bad thing that happened to her. Since the cultural revolution was very hard for people. Ji-li shows a lot of emotions, and how she felt since it her biography. I think this book is not only good to read but also it is a good way to learn a bit about the history of China. I look forward to being able to learn more things about China. 


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  2. Helena what a post, I really liked how you talked about the four news that where customs that have changed overtime. I really like how you said that the author is going to throw bad things about the people to the readers. I read this book called Persepolis and it reminded me of Red scarf girl because of the vandalism and the revolts. The people couldn't go to school because they were scared that they would die. They wanted to go to school ,but they wouldn't go because their parents wouldn't let them go because they are kind of living in a war because the government fight the people all of the time. It is a hard moment for the country because of the economy and the government. The changing is hard like I read in ties blind ties break ,but in the end the country changes into a better place for your younger family members.

  3. Helena, I agree with you on everything you said. Adding on, I think that Ji Li was greatly influenced by the Cultural Revolution. Ji Li's family has a bad background and past. Everything she did was influenced because of her class status. Her grandfather used to be a landlord and that influenced her a lot. For example, when Ji Li was elected to be a Red Successor, she didn't make it because of her family's past.
    Great post!

  4. Hello Helena ! Great Post !

    I like how you mention the Four Olds and how that was major part of the Cultural Revolution. Mao Zedong wanted to get rid of the Four Olds and establish new customs and ideas in the country. Everything that was related to the Four Olds basically had to dissappear. Schools and temples were destroyed and a lot people were killed, especially teachers and parents. Do you think getting rid of the Four Olds is a good idea or not ?

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