Sunday, October 12, 2014

Risk Taking Researcher

.About The Author.
Ji-Li Jiang was born in the year of 1954 in Shanghai, China. The book Red Scarf Girl in a autobiography of her childhood. She wrote the book to inform what happened to her, her neighbors, her family, friends and so on, during the Cultural Revolution in China.  Ji-Li Jiang was a science teacher in Shanghai before she went to live in the United States in the year of 1984. Jiang lived in Hawaii for her university years and she studied in University of Hawaii. Jiang believed in cultural exchanges so in the year of 2003 she began a nonprofit organization to expand cultural exchanges. 
Ji-Li Jiang now lives in the San Francisco Bay, in the United States. Her father Henry O appears in many films, and her mother lives next door so they can see each other every day. Ji-Li Jiang has also written other books such as The Magical Monkey King, In My Grandmother's House, and Red Kite, Blue Kite, although Red Scarf Girl is the one she is known for. Since the publication of Red Scarf Girl Ji-Li Jiang has been invited to go to hundreds of schools to speak about her books, and her past. Even thought Ji-Li Jiang is a writer she also takes time to do other things.  


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Junior Library Guild selection 1998
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1998 The Judy Lopez Memorial Award
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1999-2000 Pennsylvania's Young Readers' Choice Award

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  1. Helena,
    I really liked your post it is really organized and easy to read all the information, specially on the timeline. It was nice how you choose to research about the author because I think everyone was wondering about the author in the beginning of the book, at least I was. You talk a little but about the authors background and then you talk about why did she write the book. After that you put a nice timeline of awards and between the information you put two images of her. I only had a question that maybe you could deepen more your post. Why did she choose to write a book? Why did she choose the title? What did she do after she wrote the story? All in all, your blogpost is really nice and has a lot of good information.