Monday, October 27, 2014


 I researched why people wanted socialism and the background in that era. As you probably noticed from the book it take place in china during the cultural revolution led by chairman Mao. Communism at least in my eyes is just as bad as socialism. There was a full-scale civil war between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Nationalist Party. This war the Nationalist party won and then chairman Mao decided he wanted with his new war just won that he wanted to start a revolution for the Chinese people taking out the old ideas culture and other things to make the country essentially new.
Still does not mean that socialism was the way to go but that is what he chose.


  1. Robi, I like your post about socialism. It was a full scale cilvil war, also Mao didn't choose to go the way as Socialism. But I'd like more information about the Army Ji Li signed up into. Also more about the background of what happened during the "kind of Socialism" time. I get it you don't have enough information because you chose Socialism as your view point of this book. But I'd like you to include at least one picture. Also Mao didn't want a new war, because he would probably lose power, but wanted to become part of a war, which didn't conclude Chian a lot. For example, the conflict with Taiwan, and the Korean War. Also the Vietnam War. But except that he didn't really have a lot of conflict on the outside and inside. Except for killing thousands and millions of people. But great post!!

  2. Robert,

    Interesting post. I thought that you really showed your idea and perspective on the subject. You researched the topic of this book which was the revolution. During the revolution China was changing a lot. There was a lot of fights between the people that wanted to change and the people who wanted to stay the same. Throughout out the book it states all changes and how it impacted on people daily lives.