Sunday, November 2, 2014

Line Illuminater- Carolina Laport

Red Scarf Girl

Author:Ji-li Jiang
Week: #4
Job: #5 (Line Illuminator)
Chapters: (10,11,12)                                                            

Line #1                                           

“We cannot choose our families or our class
sums. But we can choose our own futures.”  page: 278

                        The reason why I choose this sentence was because I thought it really reflected in the book and in real life. Ji-li did not choose what family Ji-li was born into it just happened. It was not her fault that she was born into a family that many people were against. People in the world never choose  before there born, they don't get what family, nationality, etc. The only thing we can choose is our future the choices we as a human make. We choose the path right or wrong, this determines who we are.

Line #2                                                                      

“You are different from your parents. You
were born and raised in New China. You are a
child of Chairman Mao. You can choose your
own destiny: You can make a clean break with
your parents and follow Chairman Mao, and
have a bright future; or you can follow your
parents, and then… you will not come to a
good end.”

                         The reason I choose this sentence was because it shows that in the revolution you had to choose to follow Chairman Mao or not. The man told Ji-li that she was born into the New China, that she could choose her own destiny. That if she followed Chairman Mao she would have a bright future.  He  also claims that if she followed her parents foot steps she would not come to a good end. By this she had to make a choice to obey Chairman Mao or follow her parents as usual. This choice was her educational and political future or her family.

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  1. Hello Carolina !
    I like the two lines from the book that you decided to reflect upon. Your first line talks about how people are born into one family and they can't change that. You can't say " Ohh, I want to be born in France, please let me have French parents ". You are born wherever you are born, you are from wherever you are from. I agree, even if you can't choose your family, you can choose your future. The choices we make define our future. We can choose to follow the right path or the wrong path. In conclusion, our choices determine who we are. Your second line talks about how in the Cultural Revolution you needed to follow Chairman Mao or your life would be at risk. , Ji- Li Jiang had the option to either change or not to change.

    If you were Ji-Li Jiang, would you choose to follow Chairman Mao ?

    - Great Post !