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Line Illuminator - Juan Carlos - Week # 4

Red Scarf Girl
Ji-Li Jiang
Chapters 10,11,12
Juan Carlos Thomas
Week 4

                                                                                        Line #1      

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" We had not seen or heard from dad in a week since he had been detained "- page 186

I think this phrase shows how a lot families were affected during the Cultural Revolution in China. Several families did not have a very good " family background ". This meant many people were detained or even killed. Millions of people died during this period in China due to the violence at this point of history. Ji-Li Jiang's father didn't die, but he was detained. He was being accused of doing something wrong and he was going to be interrogated. As the quote above says, Ji-Li Jiang wasn't able to see her dad for some time. Also, many innocent people were detained and killed during the Cultural Revolution, causing for many families to be affected and even lose some family members.

                                              Line #2
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" You are different from your parents. You were born and raised in New China. You are a child of Chairman Mao. You can choose your own destiny: You can make a clean break with your parents and follow Chairman Mao, and have a bright future, or you can follow your parents, and will not come to a good end " - page 190

In my opinion, this phrase summarizes the childhood of Ji-Li Jiang in the Cultural Revolution. She had two options, either to follow Chairman Mao or to follow her parents. Following Chairman Mao meant she was willing to change her life and her culture. During the Cultural Revolution, Chairman Mao wanted to get rid of the Four Olds, meaning: old culture, old habits, old ideas and old customs. For some, following Chairman Mao meant having a bright future ahead of you. In the other hand, Ji-Li Jiang could choose to follow her parents. Even if it meant dealing with her family background, she would be showing love towards her family and love towards her culture. In conclusion, Ji- Li Jiang had the option to either change or not to change.

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  1. Hi Juan Carlos. I like your post, and the lines you have mentioned. But I thought we were supposed to choose a lens. I agree with the second paragraph when you mentioned, Ji Li could choose to follow her parents or choose a different way. But in the first paragraph you mentioned family background. Which is not wrong but I would say the Family's Black History. But I agree that she was one of the family members who didn't like Mao. Still, great post! :)