Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week #4 - Risk Taking Researcher

Red Scarf Girl 
Ji Li Jiang
Chapters 10,11,12
Risk Taking Researcher

Ji Li Jiang was born in February 2, 1954 and is the author of the memoir, Red Scarf Girl. Jiang lived in a big apartment with her father, mother, brother, sister and grandmother. Jiang was a star student until 1966 when the cultural revolution started. When she was 13, her father was accused of listening to foreign radio which was not true. He was detained and forced to do hard labor by the Chinese government. Jiang was humiliated by her classmates who told her that she came from a "black" family and was an "anticommunist." That prevented from from becoming a Red Successor, someone who will become a Red Guard when they grow up. When the Revolution ended, Jiang, and later followed by most of her family, moved to Hawaii. She mastered in English and wrote this book we are reading. Jiang graduated from Shanghai Teacher's College and Shanghai University before moving to Hawaii in 1984. She then graduated from University of Hawaii and began working as an operations analyst for a hotel chain. She then became a budget director for a healthcare company in Chicago. In 1992, Jiang co-founded East West Exchange, promoting cultural exchange between western countries and China. In 2003, she started a nonprofit organization, Cultural Exchange International to continue and expand the cultural exchanges between United States and Western countries. Ji Li Jiang is now living in the Seattle area and is a science teacher and writer.

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