Sunday, February 8, 2015

Line Illuminator -Jessica Z

"An Yi, you use facial creme every day. That is bourgeois ideology. And your long hair is, too. Shame on you. Why don't you get your hair cut short in a revolutionary style?" (pg. 36)

In China during the Cultural Revolution, they were trying to get rid of the "four olds". Certain things people wore, or did, was no longer accepted. They were trying to become something new and different. This student was telling An Yi that face creme and long hair is part of the four olds. I think this is the point where An Yi and  Ji Li realize that some of the things China is doing isn't right and that it doesn't make any sense. I think that having long hair shouldn't matter to anyone, it is what you like. People shouldn't be able to tell others that they can't where their hair a certain way, or their outfit represents the "four olds", so they can't wear it.

"That is an investigation into the class status of your ancestors and all members of your family. Ji-Li, the fact is that our family will not be able to pass these investigations." (pg. 9)

I think this quote is a little bit of foreshadowing to what will later happen in the book. As soon as I read this I knew that their is some political problems that have happened in the past to her family. I think it will later affect their whole family.  I don't think Ji-Li knows anything abut her families past, and that is why she is very confused about why she cannot go to the audition. I am wondering if her some of her ancestors were high up in the government at a time and then did something that they weren't supposed to do.

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  1. Jessica,
    I really liked both the quotes you choose. For the first quote, I like how you told how the quote connects with the Four Olds. I also think that she shouldn't have to change anything about herself, just because of the Four Olds. The people should still be allowed to be who they are and want to be. What do you think? For the second quote, I liked how mentioned that you thought it was foreshadowing something that might happen on later in the book. I also assumed that too. I liked how you put the picture of a family tree. Overall I thought your post was really good, nice job!