Sunday, February 8, 2015

Risktaking Researcher - Daphne M

The novel Red Scarf Girl was written by Ji-li Jang about what she experienced in 1966, during the Cultural Revolution. The Cultural Revolution was a time which Mao (In China) prohibited teenagers to attend school by shutting it down. The purpose was to make this young population revolutionary and fight for the communism against "poisonous ideas "from the occidental countries, which Mao believed the elderly from his own party was leading china too. Thus, he needed the revolutionaries to fight against. There is also a book "foreword" written by David Henry Wang that is also commonly read.

 Ji-Li Jiang was born in Shanghai, China in 1954. She lived in a large apartment with her dad ,( Henry O ) ,her mom ( Ying- Chen ) ,her brother ( Ji-yong), her sister (Ji-yun), and her grandmother. Ji Jang graduated Shanhai Teachers Collage and Shanghai University right before she moved to Hawaii in 1984. The book Red Scarf Girl is about her teenage years lived while the Cultural Revolution was happening. The book also talks about her family being humiliated for being conciderded "black" because of her late grandfather being a landlord. That was the opposite of "red", the color of communism. Res Scarf Girl was the most famous book published by Ji-Li Jang, she also wrote a book called The Magical Monkey King.


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  2. Daphne, good post. I liked how you included some very relevant information about the book and its history. I also liked how you explained in your words a little about Ji-Li_Jiang's family background, and I think that really helped the reader since we are just starting to read the book. And it was great that we got to know a little more about the history behind this book. Great Job, and thanks for pushing my thinking forward.

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  5. Daphne,

    Your post pushed my thinking in many ways as in my post I also spoke a little bit about the Cultural Revolution. By reading your post I learned things that I didn't even realize in some articles. The risk taking researcher is actually one of my favorite jobs because it branches out of what you would normally find in a post. I do think it could of branched out even more if you included more than your life. Overall, your post really pushed my thinking of the overall understanding of the novel.

  6. Daphne,

    You have clearly researched about Ji-Li Jiang and the Cultural Revolution. You should have added the links from where you got your information from, so we could read further into the topic.The Cultural Revolution also included banning the Four Olds, also by banning school and 'poisoning the youth'. Everything coming from the 'west country/side' wasn't allowed in China, which made a big difference, since all research/new knowledge was coming from the west. By banning materials/culture from the west, the Chinese youth (including Ji-Li Jiang) did not know about 'the outside world', making her completely oblivious to the real truth.

    Overall, your post shows great research and that you have read further into the Cultural Revolution and Ji-Li Jiang's past.

  7. Daphne,
    I thought your post was good, and it pushed my thinking forward! I like how you told about what the Cultural Revolution was, because when I first started reading the book I wasn't quite sure what it was.
    Did you think the Four Olds thing was interesting? I sure thought it was. I think that it's interesting that they just want to basically start all over, and establish the Four News. Overall, I thought your research that you did was helpful, I really enjoyed your post.

  8. Daphne, Really good post. I liked how you talked about the Cultural revolution that happened in 1966. I liked how you talked about her family and about her house. I think that it would be good to talk a little about the idea of the 4 olds. Over all, great post.

  9. Daphne, I also decided that I wanted to be risk taking researcher. Although, I focused more on the book and about the write, Ji - li Jang, herself. I didn't really research about the the Cultural Revolution.
    DO you think that if she was a boy, that this book about her experience in the Cultural Revolution would have been different?
    In my opinion I would think yes. I would think this because I think that if she were a boy, her experiences would be much different. She would be able to fight for herself, stand up for herself, basically defend herself. Although, many people will disagree saying the book would be the same. That they would treat her the same even if she was a guy. Great post!

  10. Daphne,

    I really liked how you researched about the author and what had happened in the Chinese revolution (1966). After all, the prompt's name is Risk Taking Researcher. And responding to Bethany's question, I don't believe so. Since she's only 12, I believe that it wouldn't be different.