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Sophia Takahashi - Question Commander

Sophia Takahashi - Question Commander

Sophia Takahashi - Question Commander
Red Scarf Girl - Prologue, Chapter 1 & 2
Ji-li Jiang
Rotation #1

1) Do you agree with Chinese's Cultural Revolution? Did it turn for the better? Why or why not?

I, myself, am neutral to this question. I find that the Cultural Revolution turned out for the better, but many changes were clearly made during the Revolution. This created mass chaos, as there were people against the Revolution and people for it.

I find that the Cultural Revolution did turn out for the better, but this is an opinion from an outsider; I have lived in China though, and from my point of view, the Revolution turned out for the better. As from a Chinese citizen, their idea of the Cultural Revolution could be the complete opposite. One might say that Chairman Mao was the best leader in China, as others might say that he was the worst.

I find that one should be able to have their own culture, and by Chairman Mao taking a way the 'Four Olds', one might not conform, as they did find that their 'old' culture was perfectly fine.

2) Are you for or against the Four Olds? Why or why not?

As said in the previous question, this is all mattered to opinion. I find that the Cultural Revolution did turn out for the better, but as for some, it could have turned out for the worst. A group of people might've liked the Four Olds, and when the Four Olds were banned, they might have been outraged.

There are positives and negatives about the Cultural Revolution, since there are many points of view to this.

3) "[...] was vital to our country's future, and I did not understand how Mom and Dad could not be interested in it." Would China still be the same today if not for the Cultural Revolution?

I don't think China would be any different, except for the fact that the 'old' culture would still be available (foot biding, etc.). People would be rebelling to ban the Four Olds, instead of rebelling to bring back the Four Olds.

Of course, education would have been much better, Ji-Li Jiang was a talented student. But as shown in the book later on, Ji-Li Jiang was sent to a 'bad' High School, since universities were split by regions. This clearly had an impact on Ji-Li, since she thought that the Cultural Revolution was all perfect, although, some flaws could be shown through the Revolution and Chairman Mao.

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