Sunday, March 8, 2015

Analisys; Julianna

Red Scarf Girl really is the tale of childhood. For some people it is very interesting to read and for others it could make them nothing but grateful to have not grown up the same way. As time goes on it is obvious that it becomes more and more abnormal to what happened in the past. For example, the Holocaust may seem insane now but back then it was an everyday thing. The same goes for the Cultural Revolution. Mao Zedong had almost had his people brain washed into thinking and doing the same as him, and what fit his standards. After reading about  Mao Zedong I found him and his ways very selfish, they were all for his own benefit. When the world began to find out about Mao's wants things took a turn. The world found out that Mao was the cause of death of 30 million Chinese peasants. Mao Zedong later died on September 9th 1976.

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