Sunday, March 1, 2015

Antonio Fernandes
Red Scarf Girl
Connection Captain

                                            Red scarf Girl

My first connection with the book called Red Scarf Girl, is the story of a Chinese dancer, described in the auto-biographical book, called ~Mao`s last Dancer ,by Li Cunxin. This story is a true-life story about a young village boy , whose dream is to become a professional dancer in China.  Just like in the book Red Scarf Girl, this boy was chosen by the Chinese communism party  to be part of selected group, to be trained. Both stories happen during the Mao’s Cultural Revolution There is when China started the revolution because of the old costumes.
Both stories show how the political power can, by a unique decision, change the life of such young people (the dancer was 11, the girl was 12 years old), make their like upside down, and ruining their lifes because of the means of power . I chose this image to show the character of the book Mao`s Cunix in one of his famous plays.

‪Li Cunxin performs with female dancer

One more connection is the book Snow Falling in Spring, an auto-biography by Moying Li. The story is very similar to the Red Scarf Girl, as at the age of 12, on 1966. In this case, Moying Li  could see   her headmaster being  beaten by the Red Guards. They  humiliated people, forced confessions. Her family suffered . Also in this case, the future of this young girl, who loved to read, was taken away. I chose this image to show the author who wrote it and how she remembered her childhood.

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