Sunday, March 22, 2015

How did historical events influence the ideas in the novel?  What cultural issues may have influenced, challenged, or inspired the author?

The book Red Scarf Girl written by Ji-li Jiang, tells about the cultural revolution that happened in China under Mao’s Dinasty from 1966-1976. One can see that the historical events influenced the novels idea. This book is about a girl who relates her childhood during the Cultural Revolution, and tells about the difficult decisions she had to make, for example choosing to believe either in her family or in Mao. As the book goes on, Ji-li starts to confront new ideas, such as the four which declares that there should not have Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas.  She starts to separate, from her friends, relationships and also from her family.  She discovers that her family had a black reputation. She started to be bullied, lost friends; people teased her because in the Cultural Revolution, people with black reputations would be seriously punished.
Then, her life started to crash. Her reputation of being good student was gone, her reputation on helping others, started to be seen as something bad, her reputation of a normal family was gone as a bullet.  She almost, changed her name because of everything she passed.  Suddenly, her father was taken away; she probably would never see him again.  The cultural revolution influenced the author to write A book about it, and to show the world how see changed her behavior and how she saw the world. Having challenged her to be bullied because of her family reputation, she lost her family and reputation. When she tried to get her reputation back she always would get a punch making it impossible to achieve her dreams of having a good reputation again.   I chose this picture to to demonstrate Ji-li reputation. You need tons of good things to create a good reputation but when something breaks you can`t get your reputation back.


  1. Antonio, great post and very nice research and facts, however, I thikn that yuou should definitely consider citing more sources from the book as well as sources for your great research. I really liked how you explained a bit about her life, and how her life changed drastically. That was very great and all but if you add more backups to your post, I believe you can make it even better and more credible. Without the sources the reader may not be sure if he or she should trust a middle schooler over someone else. To make this question disappear, the citations would be the number one thing you should focus on. Overall, very nice facts and ideas. Great post!

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