Monday, March 30, 2015

Red Scarf Girl - Summative post - Daphne M

How did historical events influence the ideas in the novel?  What cultural issues may have influenced, challenged, or inspired the author?

The Book Red Scarf girl is a novel by Ji-li Jiang that talks about the cultural revolution in china through 1966-1977, under the Mao Dynasty. The cultural revolution is the historical event that influenced the book, especially since Ji-li Jiang has been through it all. The book is a real story, her story. She wanted to write a book about how she saw the world. I assume that inspired Ji-li to write about it and share her experience with the world. Ji-li had many tough moments, such as having to decide to believe in her family, or Mao. Additionally, a challenge was how she started to drift away from her family and friends. She comes to discover her family had a “black” reputation. Thus, she gets bullied and loose her friends. Back in the cultural revolution, people with a “black” reputation would be severely punished. And with just a blink, her reputation was gone. Ji-li being known as a good student, a helper, and mostly having a normal family.

Describe a choice made by a character in the novel.  Why did the character make this choice?  Was his or her action justified?

As the book ends, Ji-li is compelled to attend a school in her region and terrible things such as her losing her maid, and having her house trashed. Ji-li made the decision to travel to the United States and make a company that would join western and Chinese cultures. Her trip not only was too try to improved her own life, but also the Chinese citizens too. Her action is justified since she had a painful and challenging life as a child and she only wanted the best for herself and others. By making this choice, she could change her life and have a fresh start, and a happier one. Overall, Ji-li made the right choices that would result in happiness and peace.

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