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The End -> Where You See The Truth Behind Everything

Isabel Kuiper - line illuminator
Red Scarf Girl - chapters 16,17 + epilogue 
Ji-Li Jiang
Rotation #6
                                                             The End -> Where You See The Truth Behind Everything

"Now it was my turn to watch her and take care of her. I no longer worried that she was a landlord's wife. She was my grandmother." (chapter 17)

This particular line in the book was very powerful. Ji-Li-Jiang comes to a decision in this particular chapter that all along she supported her family more then Chairman Mao. A couple chapters back we saw that Thin-Face offered a chance for her to change her status and have a brighter future, however she had to go against her family.  Her first step to show that she supported her family was by hesitating to condemn her farther in the theaters. The second example was when she hid the letter her mother wrote.
 After seeing JI-Li-Jiang trying so hard to clean her name and support the revolution,  she noticed she cared more for her family then her status. After experiencing going to summer labor in the countryside instead of taking care of her sick mother and grandma, she saw that it was a mistake. The roles were now reversed and they need her, more then ever.  She knew that. I feel that this book ended with her not blaming herself anymore for being granddaughter of a landowner, but appreciating her family around her. I feel like this is a very important message. No matter what everyone says or you go through; family sticks together no matter what. They will love you no matter what; and you should love them back the same way. 
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"We were all brainwashed", (Epilogue)

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This line is basically the summary of the book. When people ask you "what is this story about? You answer -> People being brainwashed." We were all brainwashed, represents how everyone in China during that time period acted to the cultural revolution. Brainwashed represents the fact that everyone thought Chairman Mao was the god. He controlled everything you did, and you believed everything that he said. In this story you see people going against families, friends hating each other because of status, people lying to save themselves and many more. Basically the cultural revolution in a few words are; dishonest, betrayal, lies, struggles .... 
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I feel that after Chairman Mao death people felt guilty for there actions and felt deceived. They didn't make their own opinion but relying on someone else on telling what is right or wrong. You have to admit when one person says something and everyone follows, so will you. 
Everything Ji-Li-Jiang did was because she was influenced/brainwashed by others. Like wanting to change her name. But in the end she was able to see through all the brainwashed people around her, and noticed this isn't right and that she need to help her family. This book shows us you always have to look hard through all hard things -> everything to find the right road, even if it is disagreeing with everyone around yourself. 

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