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Connection Captain- Nico A

Nicolas Afonso
Connection Captain
Red Scarf Girl
Rotation 1

This book, emphasizing on the author's, Ji Li Jiang's, experience during the cultural revolution, seems to have few connections to Ji's life, but after extensive research of what the cultural revolution was, overall this book is similar to any revolution.  For example, this book resembled to the Russian Revolution, the American Revolution, and the French Revolution.

Cultural Revolution
French Revolution
To begin with, this book is similar to the Russian Revolution and the French Revolution due to the fact that both revolutions were intended on a switch of government, and control of the country/empire.  The three revolutions, the Cultural, Russian, and French all took violent actions in order to obtain power within the country.  Some differences were that the cultural revolution was created to lead the country less communist, while the Russian Revolution was to lead the country into a dark shadow of communism.  The French Revolution on the other hand inspired liberal, and radical ideas.
American Revolution

The American Revolution, is a bit more different from the fact that it was formed to create a new country totally, and not just change its form of government.  Nonetheless, the Revolution still deserves recognition for its violent protests, and a switch of government (English Monarchy to Democracy).

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  1. Nico,
    I think your post was really insightful. You have a really nice design and the text is really appropriate. The connections you made I think really fit in what we are reading right now, especially the Russian Revolution that, I find, has a lot of similarities with the Chinese one.
    Good Job

  2. Your post was very good. The cultural revolution at the time caused much pain amongst the people, it made it so that many felt pain throughout it and after it. This influences the book in some ways, because Ji Li experienced this, and not only seeing, but she was humiliated at school because the government was suspicious of her father, so her father ended up influencing family members. This was the ideal of Communism uprising, and it really affected Ji Li as a person, which we may see it being shown further into the book.