Thursday, April 30, 2015

Historical Context - Jorge Ribeiro

Jorge Ribeiro

Historical Context

Red Scarf Girl

Jiang Ji-Li

What is the cultural and educational background of the author and how did this background influence the book?  In what ways do the events in the books reveal evidence of the author’s world view?

The authors cultural background is Chinese, and in some ways this influenced the novel, since she also experienced the Cultural Revolution, so this all affected her in different ways. First, she was humiliated at school because of her past, all because of her fathers bad political background, and that really affected Jiang and really inspired her to write a book about such a sensitive topic. The events in the book reveal evidence of the author's world view, because both Jiang and the protagonist were not able to make decisions for their future, because both were in the middle of this movement that went on for the whole country, and that is shown in a way that both Jiang and the protagonist are a like, which is the not very great political background, and that shows a lot about the protagonist and a connection with the author, because both are a like in ways which make it evident that there is the author's world of view inside this book. The one moment that was the most evident that Jiang wrote this book, was the political background idea, because ever since the protagonist experienced her first limitations, she knew that her life was not going to be that easy, and that shows in the authors life as well, because she had certain limitations, but she crossed those limitations, so the author ended up getting punished, and that shows about the Cultural Revolution, on how that was a period of change for China which made most of the citizens have certain limitations towards certain topics.


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