Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Question Commander - Jorge Ribeiro

Jorge Ribeiro
Question Commander
Red Scarf Girl
Rotation 2
Chapter 3, 4, 5

Why is Da-zi-bao happening?

I think that Da-zi-bao is happening, because it is the voice of the revolution, the voice of the revolution in which expresses the hatred of the citizens towards certain things, and once this hatred is shown, then there most likely will be some conflict that goes on in the country, a conflict in which may lead to many deaths in the future. I also think it is happening, to raise awareness of the current system that goes on in China, and with this Da-zi-bao, it shows how the system needs improvement, and therefore change the system of governing in China.

What events so far in the story connect with the author?

What I think occurred so far in the story, is that both, the protagonist and the author, both the fathers, don't have a good political background, and this really affected both the protagonist and the author o the novel, because the protagonist's choices were limited, and the author's as well, since their family could not be exposed so much. And that shows how there is a very strong connection between Ji li and the protagonist, because both demonstrate the struggles when going by a time like this.

In what ways was Ji li inspired to write this book?

The answer to this question would be, her real life incidents. Her life experiences are what inspired her to write this book. One clear example, is how she talks about her father not having a good political background, and that is seen right at the start of the book, so it shows how her real life events are the ones who brought her to do things like these, things that would make everyone see how she is expressing her voice and her belief, she is expressing it through books.

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