Monday, May 11, 2015

Alicia Question Commander

Ji-Li Jiang

Red Scarf Girl

1. Why did some of Ji-Li's fellow students embrace the idea of criticizing their teachers so quickly?

 Because they wanted to do what everyone else was doing. If the students were throwing a party for the teachers, they also would have done so. They only began having a negative opinion about the teachers because everyone else was doing it. Also, everyone (including Ji-Li) was very proud of their country and of their leader Chairman Mao, and wanted to serve their country. Since they found out that the teachers were supposedly against communism and teaching them bad things, they went against the teachers because what the teachers were doing was anti-communism, and the kids wanted to help their nation.

2. If you were Ji-Li, what would you have done in the situation with her aunt and the da-zi-bao?
I don't think I would've gone to her house at all. If I remember correctly, Ji-Li said that if she didn't go, her classmates would think something was wrong. I still wouldn't have gone because Ji-Li saw her aunt crying, and I wouldn't want to have been part of that. I think I would have said I was sick and gone home.

3. Do you think the book would've been different if it was Ji-Li's dad who had been a landowner instead of her grandfather?  

I don't believe it would be very different. Ji-Li expresses that it wasn't her fault that her grandfather had been a landowner and that she didn't even know him, so maybe in that sense it would be worse because she is directly tied to her father. However, her classmates don't listen to her and they still think that she has a "black" family, so it doesn't really matter if it was her father or her grandfather, her classmates would still accuse her. 

I chose this image to show that Ji-Li's classmates were accusing her.

Chairman Mao

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