Monday, May 18, 2015

Literary Analysis-Nico A

As a book representing dark times for people during the Cultural Revolution in China, the book Red Scarf Girl, by Ji-Li Jiang exerts a theme similar to anger, hope and fear.  These, were mostly shown throughout the book, mostly by Ji.  For example, we can see Ji's obvious anger towards her family when she tries to run away and change her name in order to be able to take opportunities that were rejected from her for her family's past.  This I see as a combination of  hatred, but mostly anger for the cruelty she served for something she could not change about her life.  The fear factor she served in this book was early in the book, where teachers where choosing students to go to different schools. There she feared that even her new school would know her family's dark past, and prevent her from following her dreams.  Not only that, but in this event, you can see she hoped for the school to not know about her grandpa being a landlord.  She hoped th
at people would not know her in order to have a new beginning.  Obviously people figured out.  Hope again showed day of light after her teacher in her new school, allowed her to learn and do things that she shouldn't have been allowed to do because of her past.  It wasn't that he didn't know about her past, but simply, he realized that she couldn't do anything about it, and what had happened in her family could not be modified by her.

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