Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Week 4# Question Commander Heitor G.

Question 1#
Why do dictators often use propaganda to keep themselves in power?

As many of us know, many if not all successful dictators use propaganda to their advantage. For example, Stalin, Hitler and Chairman Mao all used propaganda, not only to stay in power, but also to control and manipulate their own people into believing that they are the good guys. But in the end we ask ourselves: Why do dictators use propaganda? The best explanation is simply because propaganda uses strong imagery and messages to convince and manipulate the common people. Also, part of the propaganda is to frame other countries as the villains, something they are very good at doing, as shown in the image below. Also, the propaganda often asks questions that are irrefutable, like seen in the book Animal Farm, "surely none of you want Jones to return". Basically, this quote states that nobody wants the world to end, but the way that propaganda says it make it seem relevant when its truly not.

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Question 2#
How does propaganda trick people?

As seen in the image below, the whole idea of propaganda in simply to keep the people stupid and blind to the reality of the world. Propaganda also uses imagery. The use of strong imagery intimidates people and forces them to believe the worse can happen if they let go of their current leader. Another idea that propaganda uses is the caption, or the phrase which always is meant to make people feel guilty and powerless.

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