Monday, August 25, 2014

Connection Captain

In the book that I am a reading a major event in world history is happening the Chinese Cultural Revolution. One connection that I have made is with the book Ties that bind, Ties that break. In Ties that bind, Ties that break just like Ji-li Jiang’s grandmother, Eileen, the main character is one of the first women to study in school. In of Ties that bind, Ties that break the Cultural Revolution had just started and the book Red scarf girl the cultural revolution had just started.

An other connection that I have made is that in the novel Ji-li Jiang is from a rich family just like Eileen Both of them love and respect their father, but they have a big difference. Ji-li Jiang is very happy with her family and loves them very much. The are always by her side and want what is best for her. However Eileen is not happy with her family because they are not by her side and he uncle dislikes her. The only similarity that they have is that they both have loving fathers.


  1. Fernando I really like the connection you made with Ties that Bind Ties That Break, I really liked it because it was a book that I really enjoyed. I was really surprised by the content of this post mainly because it was surprisingly deep, I also think that maybe if you could talk about the similarities of the girls in both books that would be awesome, other than that awesome blog post keep up the good work.

  2. Fernando,

    I liked the connection that you made with the book TTBTTB. In my post, I also compared a little bit the book we are currently reading and that we read in 7th grade. Though I thought that you should add some connections and explain a bit more your thinking.

  3. Fernando,

    I think that your connection to the book Ties That Bind Ties That Break is valid not only because both of them happen in China, but also because that characters have some similarities. On my post I compare China to Brasil and how they are changing. Great post and keep up the great work!