Monday, August 25, 2014

Line Illuminator- Sophia


"I hurried out of the office before she could look at it or ask me any questions. I ran down the hallway, colliding with someone and running blindly on, thinking only that she must be very disappointed."

I decided to choose this quote because it shows how in China, the ones who rule are the men. They have the power to choose over everything, while the young ones, and the women always have to obey they even if they don't agree with the decision they decided to make. This quote is a great example of this situation. Ji-Li wanted so bad to try out for this audition, it was everything she dreamed of at the moment, and she was not alone in this idea, her mother and her grandmother agreed that she could at least try out although it would be really hard to get in. However, when the dad hears about the new idea he doesn't feel good about it and thinks it's a bad idea. Although he is the only one in the family that disagreed, Ji-Li had to obey his "orders" as you can say, because men have the power in China, they decide what should be done in their family and what shouldn't.
In addition, I decided to choose this picture because it's a girl running, in a dark, sad, lonely place, and there is only one way to go. This picture perfectly demonstrates how Ji-Li felt when she gave the principal the note. She ran because she was scared he would be disappointed at her, she was sad because she didn't want to do this she would love to go to the auditions, but she didn't have a choice. Lastly, there is only one passage for her to run to in the photo, and these represents how Ji-Li only had one option to choose, because of her dad, and this choice was to give up on the auditions.

"Many did not have a bathroom at all, or even a flush toilet, and very few had a full-size bathroom that they did not have to share with other families. "

I chose this as my second quote because I never imagined people in China homeless and without bathrooms or a good house, and I'm pretty sure I am not the only one who has ever thought that. When I read this quote I was so surprise that there is this type of poverty in China because China from my eyes is considered to be a very rich country. Additionally, it gives the reader a idea of how life was hard and unfair in China at that time, how many people struggled with life. Ji-Li mentioned she has a small apartment and she is lucky she has a full sized bathroom that only her family and her can use, because many people don't have that. This shows the reader how since back then all of the countries had social classes and that the poor people were always despised by others, leaving empty handed everywhere. 
I decided to choose this picture because this a modern day poverty in China. Many people all over the world only see China as the big rich country with the biggest population and they are all happy, but they don't see the truth behind it. People don't know that although they have the biggest population in the world many people are suffering there, without houses, foods, and even bathrooms. So I wanted to prove that there is still lots of poverty in China, and people have to start opening their eyes to the reality, starting to see all these people who have suffered and the ones who are suffering now. 

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