Saturday, August 30, 2014

Illustrious Artist Rotation Two

Chapters 3,4 and 5
Lucas Taragano

In this week's section of the book Red Scarf Girl by Ji-li Jiang, many things happened and the story changes a lot. In my image it is shown Ji-li thinking of all the bad things that happened and were happening to her and how the Cultural Revolution was affecting her. The first thinking bubble is directed to the da-zi-bao that her own colleagues wrote about her, and that it affected her in a very negative way. The da-zi-bao reads: "Lets look at the relationship between Ke Cheng-li and his favorite student, Jiang Ji-li." (pg 49.) I think that this poster they wrote about her made her rethink her ways of being and the way she treated others. In my opinion, her friends wrote that because they were jealous of all she had and how the teachers liked her so much. They also thought that she wasn't really as smart as her grades said, yet the teachers gave her such grades because her family was rich. Moving on, another very important part of this section was that Ji-li's grandfather was called a landlord, and her dad was called a rightist. This part was reflected in my illustration also as a thinking bubble, and I made all of these thinking bubbles with question marks because Ji-li was confused with everything that is happening around her. Furthermore, Ji-li is colored in black and white to show her emotion, which is mainly sad. Finally, in the illustration there is a texture of paper, and this was on purpose because it makes it look not as technological as it would be if it was normal since there were not computers in that time. In addition, I think that it looks worn out, and that is the condition that Ji-li is in right now in the novel.

Image sources: Girl, Scarf, All other fonts and shapes from Photoshop CC


  1. First, I would like to say that your post was really good, mainly the image you created. The elements like making Ji - Li black and white because the mood of the story is sad was a really smart move to make. Also I really liked the texture you used in the background. I agree with you in many ways, actually in all of them. But however I think that you could have added some parts of the book as examples to support what you are saying. Like for exemple the last point you have of her condition being warned out you could use: pg 74, "Ji-li don't be so unhappy".

  2. I agree with you, your post is very similar to mine. I think Ji-li is leaning towards going against the cultural revolution. Because in the first two chapters she seemed to agree with what Chairman mao is doing to China. For example with destroying the four olds and transforming them into the four news she was very excited about that. But then when she found out that her family was actually bad people. Like her grandpa being a landlord. Her being written about by the people she thought were her friends. Also being bullied by the people she used to help and hang out with. So I think the whole cultural revolution manipulated young children into thinking that writing about the people that taught them all these years, just wrote some horrible lies about them. Not only about teachers but some other students like Ji-li, with her relationship with her teacher. So, I think that even though her life is going downhill she will find happiness eventually. Because every charecter needs a conflict, so that they can resolve it and learn from it. If she did not have all these problems then it would not be a very good book. But I agree with Gui as well you could have added some qoutes to supoort what you were saying.

  3. Lucas,
    First of all I would like to congratulate you on your amazing picture which you created. I found that your explanation and the idea of it were very good and creative. I would like to comment on the things you wrote. I agree with you that maybe her friend was jealous but I would also like point out that maybe Chairman Mao is also at fault. He has brainwashed all the children and teenagers to believe that rich people are bad and that anyone with a different political position are bad. Since this child has nothing else to believe and Chairman Mao is such a praised person, she would obviously cling on to this idea. What do you think?

    1. Gabe,
      I hadn't really thought of this Idea of Chairman Mao and how he was so praised by everyone. I think that Ji-li might praise him and she might end up going along with what he is suggesting, as everyone else is also. In addition, I think that this is not good because it is not always good to "go with the flow", if you know what i mean. Finally, my overall opinion of this is that I think Ji-li might start doing what he thinks is right, but I think she will change her mind and do what she thinks is right. Do you agree or do you have another opinion?
      Lucas T.