Saturday, August 30, 2014

Connection Captain - Victor B

Red Scarf Girl

Ji-li Jiang

Chapters 3,4,5

Connection Captain

     In the sections of the book that I have read, the current situation of China reminds me of Brazil.  Ji-li Jiang is from a rich family, she loves her parents and thinks every thing is perfect. However, things started to change after her father doesn't let her go to the auditions. She discovers that her family my have future problems with the government if she goes to the audition. This reminds me a lot of Brazil because our current government is very controversial. People are very unhappy with what has been done. Luckily, we have the elections coming up this year, so hopefully things will change.
      Another moment of the book that reminded me of Brazil's current situation was when it said there were many rich people and many poor people. Brazil is a county full of inequality. Some people are very rich and others barely have access to food and water. Also, Brazil is a very divided country, so in a region of rich people, poor people are almost not welcome. Our government said that they have reduced the amount of poor people, but it doesn't seem like because in a country like Brazil it is evident the difference between social classes.


  1. Dear Victor,
    Great job! I think that your connection is good to the government in Brazil, yet I don't completely agree with it. First, things in Brazil are changing slowly, and in the book things are changing very quickly, in the matter of days, right? Also, people in brazil are not getting hurt, or punished by things that they do. I would make a connection from this book to the book Divergent, since the main character, Tris, is scared to show her true identity. This is similar to what has happened to Ji-li, since some things he has been doing can be considered " four olds". All in all, great job Victor!
    Lucas T.


  2. Great job! I think that your connection is good to the government in Brazil, yet I don't completely agree with it. In the book the chinese revolution is happening really fastly, but in Brazil the change is happening step by step. Also I want to adresst that your blog quality is really good, you have been posting it very well and I find very few mistakes in your text, Anyway keep up the hard work.

  3. Victor,

    Great post! I do agree with Omar and Lucas that the things in Brazil are happening slowly, and the things in China were happening really fast, but I don't think that you really thought about that aspect of the pace things were occurring. To add more to you post, when you said about the inequalities here in Brazil and in China, you could have gotten the part from the book when Ji-li calls her partner "Pauper". The text says the following: "'Come on, Pauper!' [...] 'Deng Yi-yi is from a poor family and she isn't neatly dressed, so you look down on her and call her Pauper.'" pg. 65. "Pauper" is a very poor person( This would've been a great example to support your thinking. Think in having more examples next time. Great job!

  4. Omar,

    Thanks for commenting on my post. After you said that the changes are happening faster in China than in Brazil I agree with you. Would you prefer to live in a country that the changes are happening faster or slower? In my opinion, it is better to live in a place where changes happen faster because then we will have a better place faster.