Sunday, August 31, 2014

Round 2 Illustrious Artist - Christian

Based on what we read I chose to create my image by cut outs. My cut out is about the da-zi-bao, which she Ji-Li reads with some friends. Which Ji-Li doesn't know what to write about so a friend proposes to copy one. As they read them here are a couple I thought were the ones that stood out the most. To me the on that stood out the most was the "Teacher Li, abuser of the young". This was a story about how a student forgot their homework at home, and the teacher made her copy down the assignment 5 times. I chose this background for the cut out since it was in the playground spread across the wall or hanging off trees and so on, so I thought this was the closest to what I visualized during the scene. I also really like how the people were drawing, so I tried to make it look as if they were hanging them.

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