Sunday, August 24, 2014

Job # 5 – Illustrious Artist – Ivanna Hidalgo

  Ivanna Hidalgo

Job # 5 – Illustrious Artist – 

     To begin with, I drew the scene when Jang Ji-Li goes to her first audition with the other three boys and girl. I chose this scene because I thought it would be the most interesting one since Ji-Li was the best of the all; however, her parents would refuse to let her go. In addition, auditioning for the Central Liberation Army Arts Academy would be the chance that would only come in life once. This was her chance to have a better life and reputation.
     The reason I decided to draw Jang Ji-Li as a dog is because she had less benefits. In another words, Ji-Li's father was not going to let her audition for the Central Liberation Army Arts Academy because her family had issues with the government. In my opinion, dogs don’t have as many opportunities as humans. Obviously, Ji-li had more benefits than a dog, yet comparing this dilemma was the same thing as comparing a dog to a person. As the problem, Ji-li would lose the chance to be a bit successful in life and she would end up not exploiting her amazing skills.
     Furthermore, I decided to draw the image “black and white” because in this time, there were many restrictions for girls that made them unhappy. As illustrated, the color black and white represents how neutral everything was and that on one was really happy.


  1. Ivanna, I really like your drawing because I thought it was very interesting that you drew Ji- Li as a dog. I understand why you chose to draw her as a dog and I agree with you that Ji- Li has less benefits. However, I think you should explain and give more details to why you think that. For example, to begin I would write what you wrote about Ji-Li having less benefits, but then I would continue by saying that the only things that dogs do are sleep and eat most of the time. Yes, they play, but probably when your at school and your parents are at work, they don't have a friend to have fun with. After, I would connect this to Ji- li's situation. Of course, this is just an ideas so you can understand what I mean. This way, everyone will clearly understand your representation and might even use it as an example when they are writing their own post.
    Melissa M.

  2. Ivanna,
    I really enjoyed looking at your post and your great drawing. I also really like the metaphor of Ji-li drawn as a dog, which makes a lot of sense in my opinion. On the other hand, I don't completely agree of you drawing it in black and white. First of all, I think that maybe you could have drawn everything in color except Ji-li since she has less benefits, as you call it, than the others. Also, I think it would help whoever is looking at the image understand what is really happening. Aside from that, I think your drawing and explanation were very good.

  3. I like your drawing and how you demonstrated Ji-li as a dog. That is very creative of your part. I get why you decided not to color, because of restrictions. But I do agree with Lucas. You could have colored everything except for Ji-li/dog. Because in the book people decided to change things and maybe you could show that by making her the same which is colorless. I do agree with you that's Ji-l has some restriction, but where did you find that in the book? Do you have textual evidence? But in all very great metaphor, drawing and post.

    1. Isabel,

      Thank you very much for you wonderful compliment. Something really interesting that you and Lucas pointed out was the coloring in my drawing. If I'm right, your point was that since Ji-Li was the one with the biggest restrictions, she should be the only one in black and white. Now that I thought of it more, coloring almost everything would demonstrate that nothing else had an issue apart from her. Furthermore, you were wondering if I had textual examples demonstrating that Ji-Li had more restrictions. In my opinion, the whole chapter explained how she had less benefits since her father didn't let Ji-Li audition. Additionally, the way I knew Ji-Li had less benefits was because her family obviously had a different political background preventing her from auditioning.