Sunday, August 24, 2014

Connection Captain, Omar

In the current chapter of the book I am in I have noticed that most of the people in China at that time were very poor, and didn't have some human needs such as proper hygiene. An example of that is in the first chapter. Ji Li states that her house was bigger than all her classmates and that she was lucky to have a private bathroom. She also states that her bathroom is bigger than many of her colleagues homes, and that people oftenly have to share bathrooms with other family's. I can connect that to what's currently happening in north Korea. In North Korea people are very poor and they also don't have there basic human right's. They're are extremely poor to enrich there dictator, Kim john un. In North Korea some people have to share homes with unknown families.

I think this image shows very well the connection that I made because it shows how people in North Korea are struggling through hunger and poverty, just like the people in china in the time of the revolution. It also shows a child trying to eat the news paper because that is the only thing that he can afford and that they are struggling with poverty like the children in China.

Another connection I found in the book with a real life problem was the Communism/Socialism that is occurring in the book. Currently today there are a lot of countries that are Communist or Socialist (Both basically the same thing) such as, Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam. These countries are all Communist/socialist countries and they all seem to face the same problems dealing with distribution of power,  Poverty, and Human rights. All these countries like China were deeply involved in the dram idea of a Communist utopia, but were dragged in to the bitterness of despair. In the countries were I stated above Communism is a false cover for the false politics, while their people drown in despair they sit at there palaces like nothings going on. In this book the dictator is Mao Tse Tung. Different from the other dictators his people blindly support him, because they have no knowledge of what is happening outside the world

This image shows many dictators from different countries. This image represents the connection that I am trying to make with Mao Tse Tung and all other dictators.


  1. Omar,

    I really loved how your images fit with your explanation. I noticed that you really went deep on your thinking. In addition, I agree with you about China having a lot of poverty, mostly because of the government issues. For example, most people have to share things since they don't have enough of anything. Something that I connect to the China poverty is India. I can relate this issue with India because India is one of the many poor countries in the world. As an illustration, some families don't get to eat three times a day because their money is not enough. Also, it has to do something with the government since they are not doing anything. Overall, I could really see the connection of North Korea, China, and India according to the article "India: Achievements and Challenges in Reducing Poverty". Link: /0,,contentMDK:20208959~menuPK:435735~pagePK:148956~piPK:216618~theSitePK:430367,00.html

  2. Omar, good job on your post. I agree with you when you say that she is lucky to have her own bathroom. In fact, one of the quotes I used in my post was about that. ''Many did not have a bathroom at all, or even a flush toilet, and very few had a full-size bathroom that they did not have to share with other families.'' (Page 16) You also compared the book to North Korea, so what do you think needs to change for North Korea to become a better place to live in.

  3. Omar, good job on your post. I agree with every thing you said since I did it (LOL) Since it was the task to comment on the class Connector and I am the only one of my class I'll comment on myself. Honestly I don't have much to say, but I also learned that I have many punctuation errors that I have to work on, And that I have to dig deeper in the subject I'm discussing about.

  4. First I whant to say that you did really well on your post. Ido agree with you when you said that she is lucky to have a house as big as she does. And to have a bathroom at all.
    I mainly liked the second picture you choose to illustrate your post. I think that it really discribes well the situation that most people around Ji-Li and in China had.