Sunday, August 24, 2014

Job #2 - Connection Captain - Chloé Cortez

"That year cultural revolution started."
This quote reminds me of the book that we read in 7th grade, Ties That Bind, Ties That Break. Red Scarf Girl reminds me of this book because they were both heavily influenced by the Chinese cultural revolution. In Red Scarf Girl, Ji-Lin was chosen to audition, and in Ties That Bind the main character, Ailin, had to go through the difficulties of not having her feet bound, something that would be changed later on by the revolution. I these books, the revolution strongly changes the opinions and ideas of the main characters.


This picture shows a politic trying to make other people believe in what he's saying. In the books the politics have influenced the publics mind just like the man in the picture above.

Something that I can also connect to this book is what Ji-Lin said about her being ashamed of not being able to audition. She thought other people would make fun of her which reminds me of bullying.


This image represents a group of girls making fun of someone else. This reminds me of how Ji-Lin felt when she found out that she couldn't be auditioning.


  1. I can see why you remembered Ailin. But I thinks its also glaring in the face. They are both Chinese, there both held back. When I think of Ji-lin I remember children. No one specific, but in general. Every kid in between 5-8 are naive. Like Ji-li she believe anything the public says. If you tell a child that's wearing sock are lame, they are probably going to believe you and whatever you say if you bribe them. I think Ji lin will go with the bigger group that's seems full of color and change. Just like small children.

  2. Chloé,

    Good job on the image representations. I thought that you chose the right picture to symbolize your writing. Additionally, I can also connect Red Scarf Girl with Ties that Bind, Ties that Break, mostly because of the decision taking. In both of these books, the main characters had to take very important decisions that would change their life forever depending on what they chose. For example, in the book Ties that Bind, Ties that Break, Ailin has to make the decision whether she is going to be unhappy, but bind her feet, or be happy and let her feet grow. On the opposite, I disagree with you about Ji-Li being ashamed of auditioning. In my opinion, Ji-Li was upset that she wasn't going to be able to attend her audition since her family had many political background issues. Ji-Li's father, specifically, did not let her go to the audition because he knew that the judges wouldn't even think of putting her in the final list. Finally, Ji-Li was more disappointed than ashamed, since this "once in a life time" opportunity would be wasted.

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  4. Chloé,

    It was great that you didn't just put the images there, you described why you put them there, and what the represent. I was very thoughtful of you to make a connection to the book we read in 7th grade, "Ties that Bind, Ties that Break". This really helped me to understand better the story because it reminded me that I was already familiar to the topic(the Chinese cultural revolution). Also, it helped me because now I know that I can go back to the book, "Ties that Bind, Ties that Break" whenever I need to, in order to make thing clearer in the story.

  5. Chloé,

    In my opinion, you should add more details in your post, and give examples of things that happened to you that you can connect with this story.

    I also made a connection to the book we read last year. (TTBTTB) Though, don't you think that Alin's decisions were not only about having her feet bound but had to something with religion?


  6. I agree with you Chloé, while reading I had the same connections as you. The book also reminded me of TTBTTB, I think that the characters in this novel are very similar to the ones in TTBTTB. One example is that both of the main characters fathers are caring and want what is best for their daughters. On the other hand, I think that they are a little different because Aillin’s family did not respect her, but Ji-Li Jiang’s did. I think you could improve on your post by adding more information.