Sunday, August 24, 2014

Question Commander Chapters 1-2

In the these couple of chapters I have honestly understood nothing. The names are confusing I don't get this “lets change” thing. But I’ll try my best. Sorry if the questions are already answered in the book.

“What did her family do. Since they didn't want Ji-li to audition because of background inspections”

They obviously did something but I seriously don't know how to answer this question. Did they defy someone. Are the againsts these changes. Is it there past did they commit a crime. The consequences are probably really severe because in page 26 her grandmother said “Maybe we should let her try. She probably won't be chosen anyway.” But her parents still didn't let her. I’m thinking its big because they're not taking risks, not even one that could change their daughter’s life forever. I dont know in a good way or a bad one. Who knows..

I chose this image because culture, parents, customs (i think) are blocking her from doing things she wants like auditioning.

Why suddenly change. Why are her Parents so againsts it, further in the book will someone be punished because of their actions.?

I don’t understand why people decided to let go of the culture. And neither do i understand why her parents are so defiant over it. Do they think things are going to go crazy and unbalanced. They obviously don't agree with all the things going on because in dinner when Ji-Li is talking about the people breaking the sign. They stay quiet. As usual in books the some of the main character does something because he/she believes. And usually someone they are very close to gets hurt because of them. Or maybe her parents don't want her to suck in what they think are “crazy ideas”. So they will try to make a difference. But after all that someone get emotionally or physically hurt. I'm assuming this prediction from the books that I read.

Which side will the main character take. Does she disagree with her parents. What will she do about it.?

Does she want change. Does she want her habits to change. I think maybe not. She might agree with her parents after all. She saw these people cutting a man's pants and shoes because it wasn't wide enough. She thought it was humiliating and frustrating to be the man.  And when her friend said yang sang people started taking it too seriously because apparently is was spreading fourolds. And that she a inviting foreign beliefs in her, with something basic like lotion. Shes probably going to realize everything is wrong. And do something about it. She’ll probably start defying these new changes start something to make people realize. Because that's what usually happens in books.

I chose this image because I’m guessing in the future she will have to choose a side. Then she will decide which one is right and which one is wrong.


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  2. First off, you should not be afraid to show your post. We all accept your opinion

    First question

    In my opinion, I think the Chinese people are not used to the change due to Chairman Mao's causes. The Family probably agree with that. Especially the dad. Jiang's Dad is afraid of changes by seeing his behavior. Like in the beginning of chapter 2. It seems like the dad had done this for a while.

    Question Two

    I have no idea why the family rejects so much to the new changes. But in my thought I think. I think that the reason to all of the parents' rejection is because they lived happier before the changes. Like some of the elderly. They hate the new stuff. Some just want to go to the past. I also think that if Chairman Mao finds out about this, he will release her parents. But we don't know. Guess we'll have to read!

  3. Isabel,
    Good that you honesty said that you didn't understand anything in the first couple chapters. This has happened to me before when I was younger. However, your first question is actually really good and is not answered in the book. What I think is that they are half american and half Chinese because her father said that they wouldn't pass the cultural investigation and thats bad because the army fought against Americans to get them out of China. So, maybe that's what it is, but there are other possibilities.

    For your second question, I agree with you. I think Ji- Li will follow her dreams because of two reasons. First, the story would have more sense and would be more enjoyable. Second, she knows things are wrong and she has already felt bad for the guy that had his pants cut open in front of everyone. Yet, I am not sure. Let's keep reading to find out!

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  5. I really liked your post overall you added a good quote and you were really honest about not understanding the first chapter, but i think that the post needs a little more detail for the reader to understand your point, other than that this was a great post keep up the good work.

  6. Isabel I like your post and I think you did a good job making questions and answering them. To be honest I couldn't fully understand your questions because I haven't read the book Red Scarf Girl quite yet, but can see that the main character wants to take an audition but she's not being able to because of cultural, social binds. I think you might be able to connect to the book "Ties That Bind Ties That Break" since they have similar themes and interpreting what happened there I personally disagree to your last question because if she just chose to follow her parent's fixed opinions how would that create a change and why would it be published? This is my opinion about the book regarding to the fact that this is a book, however, if I were in that situation I would've had chose to just follow my parent's opinions. So I really appreciate your thoughts and overall I thought your post was awesome!!

  7. Isabel,
    in my opinion, people are scared of changing. People are scared of seeking the unknown.There is a quote that you probably heard already: “The Devil you know is better than the one you don’t”. This great fear of the unknown causes people not to take chances and to stay in situations where they’re not very happy. As soon as people think about change they start playing the “what if?” game.
    • What if I make a mistake?
    • What if it’s worse than what I have now?
    • What if I fail?

    For the second question, I think that she is going to follow her dreams. Just like the book that we read in 7th grade, Ties That Bind, Ties That Break. This because the main character in that book had to make a decisions based on religions.

  8. Question one:

    Why suddenly change. Why are her Parents so againsts it, further in the book will someone be punished because of their actions?

    In the begging i did understand why her parents were so resistance. I especially thought that because in the begging of the novel Ji-li Jiang says that her parents are very open to new ideas. After reflecting on you question I noticed that probably her parents noticed that there was some wrong with some of the new ideas.

    Question two:

    Which side will the main character take. Does she disagree with her parents. What will she do about it?

    I think that this is a very good question for a lot of reasons. One of them is that Ji-li Jiang loves and respects her family a lot, especially her father. She says that her father is very wise so for they reason I think that she might go on her fathers side. On the other hand I think that she might disagree with her family because she looks like she might be very independent.