Saturday, August 23, 2014

Red Scarf Girl Line Illuminator

Quote 1: ''Many did not have a bathroom at all, or even a flush toilet, and very few had a full-size bathroom that they did not have to share with other families.'' (Page 16)

I chose this quote because it gives the reader an idea on how difficult was to live in China at that period of time. It shows that most people were poor and were going through a hard time. China is an overpopulated country. Now a days, for you to have more kids you need to pay because China was not being able to sestet everyone in the country. Finally, this quote shows that this is not a recent problem in China.

Quote 2: '' Don't do the audition, Ji-li, he looked straight at me this time, and sounded much more forceful.'' (Page 8)

I selected this quote because Ji-li was very excited with the audition she was going to have and when she gets home to tell her dad, he ''ruins'' all of her plans. This happened because her family is different from most of the other families in China. Also she will starts to notice that her family is not the way she thought they were. In conclusion, this quote brings a little of suspense to the continuation of the story.


  1. Dear Victor,
    Great post! I really enjoyed reading your opinion on these quotes. I think you described them very well and went deep into their meaning. What do you think would be different if Ji-li's father didn't tell her why she couldn't go? How would she react? I also think that in the future of the story Ji-li might try to investigate what do these "political background" and see what is the problem with it.
    Lucas T.

  2. Thanks Lucas,
    I think if her father didn't tell her the reasons she would try to investigate and try to find out because she was really excited with the audition. I also think that further in the book she will try to find out what these political are.