Saturday, August 23, 2014

Red Scarf Girl-Post 1

Line Illuminator-
Ji-Li Jiang

"We had missed our chance to become national heroes by helping our motherland. Now our time had come."-Pg. 28

I have selected this quote because it represents that they are extremely patriotic and that Chairman Mao had hypnotized them into this patriotic craze that they would do anything for him. His ideals were good but, as it said in one of the videos Mrs. Hancock supplied us, he was not good a managing a country. An example is that there was this type of bird attacking the crops, so he ordered all of them to be killed. But what he did not realise was that those birds ate bugs and soon all of china was infested. In conclusion all the students in China were the ones moving this for Chairman Mao, because some of the adults saw flaws in his plans. As Chairman Mao said, the red in the Chinese flag was the blood from the martyrs. This shows how patriotic they feel.

"The problem isn't with yourself, Ji-Li. What I mean is that the political background investigations at these academies are very severe"- Pg 9

I have selected this quote because, in this moment of the book, Ji-Li realises that her family isn't as perfect as she thought and that this system might have some flaws. She might not immediately realise, but soon she will notice that because her family is different in some political way, the will be shunned and persecuted. She has realised the fatal flaw or hamartia of the system. This system is for the workers not the rich, and the moment you turn you back they will back stab you.


  1. Dear Gabe,
    Your post was very interesting with details! First of all, I agree with you completly on both parts of the post, but I would like to talk about the second one which for me was great. I think that you are correct in saying that her family has a political problem, yet I don't quite agree that they are "different". In my opinion, Ji-li's father said their family had political problems due to the four olds, and that is why he didn't want others to investigate it. What do you think?
    Lucas T.

    1. Thank you for commenting. I see what your point is, but what I meant is that they have a different political point, that is why they don't want the political check. They might not like Mao or not like the communist idea. It really depends on the way you see it.