Sunday, August 31, 2014

Risk Taking Researcher Week 2 Jaewon Cho

    While reading this book I learned a lot of information while reading this book. Due to that, I realized that you can learn history without an encyclopedia

     First off, this book is non-fiction. Ji-li Jiang, The Red Scarf Girl, was graduated from Shanghai Teacher's College and Shanghai University before moving to Hawaii in 1984. She then graduated from University of Hawaii. Jiang had several jobs before The Red Scarf Girl was written, and now she is 60 years old.

     The Red Scarf Girl is a memoir of the Cultural Revolution for Jiang. In my thought it is sort of a auto-biography. It had a "black" family's point of view. It shows a depiction in Jiang's early life and her family suffering because Ji-Li's late grandfather was a landlord, therefore labeling her family "black". This reminds me of Germany back when people used to hate Jewish and kill them thinking they were "different". This picture represents of what I am thinking about.

     As you can see, there is a bunch of grey pencils and one red one. I believe that Chairman Mao thought that changes were good. Due to that he convinced tons of people.

     Jiang was happy before the Cultural Revolution. After the Cultural Revolution started she started to get problems. If you pass the first 2 pages you can see that Jiang wrote, "To my dearest grandma, who would be so happy if she could see this book." This shows me that she had a lot of encouragement and I can see that during the book. As for now she is an adult and an elderly I think that Jiang put all that behind and just started to live her own life. 

     This image represents to me that people should move on like most of the people did in the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

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  1. Jaewon,

    I really liked your post and how you clearly stated the author of the book, how she wrote the story, and the situation that was going on in China back at the Cultural Revolution; however, I think you should have gotten into a little bit more analysis in your thinking. You did mention everything you needed to mention, but I wish you had talked a little more about it and, for example, how you felt about it, what your thoughts were, how you reacted to this, etc. I appreciated the fact that the writing was very well organized, meaning each idea that connected with each other was in one paragraph. Also, good job on the selection of your pictures -- they really connected and made sense with what you were saying.