Sunday, August 31, 2014

Round 2 Illustrious Artist - Omar

            I think that this image shows a bit of Ji-Li's Aunt. She was wearing a lot of makeup which made her look more different than the other people. She also wore outfits from America which made people talk about her in a bad way. The people in Ji-Li's school continuously said that she was very full of herself and that because she dressed differently and looked differently she shouldn't be accepted. I think that this type of discrimination is due to the lack of variety in China. As we already saw in the book, because of the communist Idea people were the same in looks and in financial class. This made Ji-Li's aunt be very different compared to the people who all looked the same. I mainly chose this image because this lady uses a lot of make up which makes her different from then people, and maybe if someone saw her they might talk behind her back. I mainly think that someone should dress how they feel is adequate, but because of the communism the people didn't know difference and were used to every thing being the same.


  1. Omar,

    Great picture. I like how you used exaggeration on the picture to illustrate her aunt. This made your post more interesting for the reader. Also, your explanation is very thoughtful. Next time I think you can use quotes from the book to have a better support to what you're trying to say. Overall, good job on your post, keep up the good work!

  2. Omar,

    This is a very interesting blog post. I think your picture adequately represents Ji-Li's aunt, and this is the same way I imagined her. I can connect to this image, because there was a woman that lived close to my school in the U.S. She walked near the school a lot and she wore a large amount of makeup. She glimpsing at her, her face would catch my eye, because she wore all different types of colors. However, that doesn't mean anyone made fun of her for her looks. People respected that she liked to wear lots of makeup, and should not be judged because of this. If people like their appearances, then they should not be judged, because they might not care for their natural selves. Good job!


  3. Omar,

    While reading your post I made some connections with books I have read before. For example: when you talked about how she had dresses from america and every looked at her reminded me of when Eileen, from Ties That Bind, Ties That Break, when she used close from america and everyone thought she was a foreigner. Even when she was going to her sister's house the guard didn't let her in because he thought she was a foreigner. Omar, I would have really liked to see a drawing I think you could illustrate this image very well.