Sunday, September 14, 2014

Illustration Artist - Victor B

Red Scarf Girl

Ji-Li Jiang

Illustration Artist

Chapters: 10, 11, 12

I chose this image to illustrate the section of the book we have read because in the middle of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, this section talked about Ji-li Jiang's school and social life. The book in the image simbolizes the education that the author has talked about in this part of the autobiography. Ji-li Jiang is going through a really hard moment in the book, with many changes happening to her and her family, so it was good to have a view on other things that are happening to her life at the same time of the revolution. In my opinion, knowing more about her education will bring the readers a better understanding for the rest of the story because I think that things will start changing to her and her family. 


  1. Dear Victor,
    I really liked the image that you selected for this week's illustration artist job. To begin with, this image clearly expresses how the red guards, and also the cultural revolution itself, is affecting the people, which are getting "brainwashed" to follow China's new rules. I have a question to ask you, and it is that in the end of your paragraph you mention that " things will start to change for Ji-li and her family.", but what do you think these things would be?
    In my opinion, things that might change include the way they are treated by everyone, what they can't and can do, and much more. Since this book is a type of autobiography, I think that Ji-li and her family might move to another country, or maybe only she moves. Do you think this might happen in the near end of the novel?
    Lucas T.

  2. Victor,

    I agree with you about having a better understanding about her learning. However, I would imagine the image differently. To begin with, I would look at this as a college student expressing their thoughts to the audience. Back in China, school programing used to be unfair because nothing would be based on how good the student was, but how good their class status was. Therefore, teenagers would have problems settling into anything related to school because it wouldn't be meant for them, at least for many. Additionally, I see a Chinese teenager presenting information from his point of view as shown in his body language. As seen, everybody in the audience is paying really close attention. In my opinion, this is because they have never looked at other people's opinion about school other than themselves. As a connection, this reminds me of Martin Luther King, when he was delivering his speech. Obviously, his audience had 10 times more power; however, it did show how much he cared about what he was talking about. Finally, I can relate this to people that can express how they truly feel about their own believes.