Sunday, September 14, 2014

Line Illuminator (Isabel Park)


Leniency to those who confess, and severity to those who resist.’ (page 248)
Yeah trees and bamboos don't make a lot of sense right now. But my dad told me this story that sort of relates to the quote. Think that the tree and the bamboo are people. The tree is strong and firm, while the bamboo bends.  Now think 

when a wind blows, who falls? The tree is strong but he falls after. While the bamboo bended through the winds and stayed standing. This is sort of my interpretation of this quote.  The bamboo are the people who confess and the trees are the one who resist.  I thought this was an important quote because it says that when people hold on to firmly they break (or get punished) Bamboo people are more sneaky and get away with things with out getting hurt, This is more of a life lesson thing 

You can choose your own destiny (page 267)
I chose this quote because I'm questioning Ji-li's actions. Lots of parts her parents and herself think badly of the revolution. But people are enforcing her to go against what she thinks. shes a character that persuade easily but Im not really sure where this is going.  Who is she going to betray her family/beliefs or the government?
Also what did her dad do, did it explain or am I just going crazy?


  1. Isabel, I really liked your post, I think it is pretty thoughtful specially in the part you talk about the bamboos. I think that the story connects to the book pretty well, since the trees are the resistants and the bamboos are the people who confessed.
    P.S: I accidentally read ahead and I found out that there still isn't an explanation to why Ji-li's dad was locked up.

  2. Isabel,

    Your post is fantastic! I love that story that your dad told you. The people seem weak, but the can continue standing. I think that this quote is incorrect, because Chairman Mao said it, and people that confessed were beat and locked up. He lied to the people to get rid of anyone against him. You can choose your own destiny, but I think this is difficult for Ji-Li Jiang. This is because, she was taught growing up to idolize Chairman Mao. However, now that things are happening to her, she isn't starting to go against the revolution, and not agree with everything. I am pretty sure that her dad didn't do anything, but they are accusing him since he is part of a "black family". Do you think that her dad will be killed? Thank you for enhancing my thinking, and sharing that great story with me!


    1. you don't know how much this post helped me understand whats going on.
      Thank you