Monday, September 15, 2014

Job #4 Illustrious Artist - Tobin Min

Red Scarf Girl

Chapters 10-12

I chose this image to represent the book. This image is about a town where almost nobody, or nobody lives, a.k.a ghost town. I thought this picture was meaningful because in the Chinese New Year, the town that Ji-Li Jiang was living in looked and felt like a ghost town because nobody celebrated this major event. In the Chinese New Year celebration in China, all the members of each of their family comes together, trade gifts, and then celebrate by talking and etc. However, this year, everything that people did before were considered as one of the four-olds.


  1. Tobin,
    I really like how your image is like a big metaphor with how China is becoming in the book. In addition, I think that this image shows how people are scared to do what they loved before, which was to celebrate. Another example very related to this would be that in the Chinese New Year, it was Ji-li's birthday, and the family didn't even celebrate, and were more on the indifferent side to it. This proves that the cultural revolution created so many problems for them that they didn't even remember to celebrate such an important time to their child's life, right? In my opinion, the cultural revolution is making China more of a dictatorship than a good place. This reminds me of many books that are trying to create a utopia, which end up creating a dystopia. Examples of these books include Divergent, Hunger Games, The Giver, Uglies and etc. Do you agree?
    Lucas T.

  2. Tobin,
    I totally agree with what you said and really like it too because I never thought of that. Adding, I really like the image you use to represent how China is actually becoming in the book. However, can you think of any example of something that became a four-old. As Lucas said, an example could be Ji - Li's birthday that wasn't celebrated. Which is a very good example because it also shows how the cultural took their attention.