Monday, September 15, 2014

Stefano Delmanto Connection Capitan R4

After reading these chapters, I made some connections. The first one was in the first paragraph of chapter 11. It reads: " Winter vacation had started, and we children stayed at home." This reminded me of when my family and I went to Germany every year during winter and we stayed at home in bed  with the heater on watching tv and drinking soda. I went to Germany every year because my little cousin lived there. I still can picture me in that grey sofa with my eyes closed just relaxing.

The second connection that I made occurred in the beginning of chapter 12 when the narrator tells the reader that grandma cried all the time she thought about the mother and the father not getting so well. This scene reminds me of a film that I watched. In this movie a beautiful couple broke up. And their child cried and cut himself every time that he thought about his family.


  1. Stefano, sincerely, I don't really like your post. I think your connections are good, but the first one could be something more important than someone relaxing on a couch. I think that the second connection was way better. When you talked about the child who cutted himself every time he thought about his family it reminded me of how much pain Ji-li would go through every time that she thought about her father who was locked up. Overall, other than your first connection I think your post was good.

  2. I think you could have improved your first connection. I mean everyone has a vacation or went somewhere.
    But I did like your second connection. It shows other people facing the same problem. And that it influences other people. But I would like to know more about your opinion. What do you think of this. Will it affect the future. I think your connection is interesting and that an argument with two people can also cause confusion with others without purposely meaning for them to interfere.