Monday, September 15, 2014

Connection Captain -Christian

Over the last few chapters I had somethings I read that I could relate to with Ji-Li, and here are some of the following connections:

So when it talked about how her life was getting worse, I feel the same, since I feel like life sometimes gives you hard obstacles you have to face. For her it was going to a different school, she was told to be going to the same school as her best friend, and ended up changing to a school with no one that she had ever seen, so no old classmates or anything, starting from scratch. I felt like my friend David had a similar situation, but it wasn't like that exactly... Before he left Graded last year, he was excited to be going to Spain and live where he was born for once, and then his dads job cancelled it and changed it to Miami. Which he was ok with Miami since he would be with his friends he hadn't seen for 3 years (He had lived in Miami almost all his life), but then it was changed and he ended up living in Chile now. So I feel like he must've been upset just like Ji-Li.

My second connection is  "Winter vacation had started, and we children stayed at home.", which this is a connection about my family not going anywhere for the first 3 weeks, we kind of just stayed home and it was too cold to play, there was a lot of rain. So we stayed indoors, and I was just dying to go on vacation to our new house that summer, but we were stuck in Brasil. At least I got to go to some world cup games though.

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  1. Christian,
    I really like how you connect what is happening with Ji- Li with David. I can't think of any personal connection with Ji- Li, but with what you told us actually made me feel how bad it is to be in a situation like that. Adding, for your second quote I can also connect to that because me and my family had to stay in Brazil not only for 3 weeks, but for the 2 months because my cousins form Canada came to Brazil and my brother that lived in Miami also came to Brazil. So, we had no choice. Lastly, I really like the images you chose. From what I understood, you put the picture of the someone crying because both David and Ji- Li were both very upset and the to guys playing video games because you stayed inside and probably played video games. Next time, what do you think of adding a small paragraph at the bottom of each image explaining your choice? I think your post will end up being much more clear.