Saturday, September 20, 2014

Red Scarf Girl-Rotation #5-Question Commander

Gabe Yamada
Question Commander
Chapters 13-15

Question 1-Page 207-208:Why was Ji-Li's father cleared of charges, yet is still going to be held captive?
I believe that this occurred because since he was from black family, one of the families that had relatives that were bad according to Chairman Mao's standard because they "stole" from the people and manipulated them. They probably wanted to hold him longer so that he would repent his sins, and admit that he was politically incorrect because he was a rightist. This is really bad because they probably will punish him either way. They will torture him so that he would tell them that he was rightist, and if he just tells them, they will punish him for that.

Question 2-Page 211: Why did Ji-Li's family hide the fact that their family did have land lords?
I believe that the reason they hid this from her was to protect her. In the situation where Ji-Li was growing up, black families were not respected at all, and probably the father and mother wanted to hide this vile truth from Ji-Li to protect her from the horrible truth that, once people find out about her family, she will be shunned forever.

Question 3-Page 215: Why did Ji-Li believe that she could break from her family but not her parents?
I find this highly illogical because why would Ji-Li believe that she could just say that she was no longer part of her family, but still her mom and dad were her parents. It is like a leaf on a tree during fall. The moment it breaks free, there is no going back.

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  1. Gabe,

    I was impressed about how your questions were so critical and deep. Now, I want to discuss question #2. This question seemed quite interesting to me because it's something that I wondered at the beginning of the book. Since we are almost done with Red Scarf Girl, the answer would most probably be class status. In China, having a decent class status could get you to live a "successful" life because you would have nothing to do with the Red Guards and Chairman Mao punishing you. As known, Chairman Mao persecuted people with a low class status such as landlords. Jiang Ji-Li's parents hid her landlord grandfather from her because more shame in her life wasn't needed. Apart from having a poor class status herself, she didn't need to know she had a landlord in her family. In conclusion, class status had great impacts on Chinese people, since this depended on how well they lived their life.