Sunday, September 21, 2014

Risk Taking Researcher - Ivanna Hidalgo

Red Scarf Girl *A Memoir of a Cultural Revolution* 
Foreword By: David Henry Hwang
Ivanna Hidalgo
Week 5 : Chapters 13 - 15
Job #6

Risk Taking Researcher
     Red Scarf Girl *A Memoir of a Cultural Revolution* is a book about a Chinese girl telling her experience with the Cultural Revolution. however, the book had a foreword by David H. Hwang. As the title shows, this was the time period where there were cultural revolutions in 1996 - where the goal was to enforce communism in China by getting rid of capitalist, traditional, and cultural elements from the society. In my opinion, the writing of this novel gave me a sense of knowledge, more than anything else. Knowledge because it tells how China used to be an unfair country and had a very bad leader at the time. 
     To begin with, I researched about how having a bad class status affected the way people lived. It very much did affect people because it changed how the people with society looked at them. In China, when someone was, or related to, a landlord, their life were either punished or destroyed, adding the fact that the Cultural Revolution totally rejected them. Landlords would always side with imperialism and created a counterrevolutionary group. Having this searched, people with a high class status were supposed to humiliate and bring down anyone like a landlord - Jiang Ji-Li's grandfather. Chairman Mao brought Red Guards to get rid of "anti-communists". Millions of Chinese people were persecuted because of their class status. This can be connected with Jews, back in World War ll. As a result, Chairman Mao lived within powerful rights to take away someone's reputation caused by their class struggle.  


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