Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ilustrator- Omar

I chose this picture because I want to compare the communism that Mao is making his people beleive and the world that we live in today. Everyone thinks that life is supposed to be like the picture above, we all are "free", but have to follow the societies norms to be "happy" Is that really freedom? I don't think so. You see the only diferent between the regim if Mao and the world we live in today is that we "choose" to do it, or at least we think we do. Little do we realize that all the media from today and all the expectations we have to reach are just blinding us to what life is supposed to be. We are only free if we can make choices without being judged, without being criticized because of a way of life we want to follow. I am disgusted by the way the people in china were treated and I think that the image above compares very well with the story that's why I chose it.

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